Tuesday, January 9

TOMS Shoes

I just learned about TOMS Shoes over at FMCS and had to post about them here. They are a new company whose sole mission (excuse the pun) is to make the world a more comfortable place. Blake Mycoskie, founder of the company, plans to achieve this goal very simply:

For every shoe you purchase, TOMS Shoes will give a pair of shoes to a child in need.

Check out the video below for more information and (as in my case) some dusty eyed inspiration. (And please let me know if the video doesn't work for you, it's my first time posting one!)

More and more companies and organizations are realizing the power in worldchanging ideas. TOMS Shoes is selling more then just another shoe, they are selling the ability to make a difference, the ability to make your voice as a consumer heard, the ability to vote with your dollar.

Ladies and Gentlemen, there is a new economy forming right in front of our eyes, an economy based on values and reputation.


Neath said...

This is fantastic! Thanks for posting this! (The video works).


Anonymous said...

This is a great thing. I saw an article in Time actually about the company and their shoe drop trips. The video works and there's a longer one on youtube that is even better....mike

Katie said...

TOMS Shoes is an amazing company with an amazing mission. Spread the word and get TOMS on your feet ASAP!!!

For FREE SHIPPING and $5 off on your next pair of TOMS, check out www.tomsshoes.com and enter in PROMO Code: KATIEM at the checkout.

Josie said...
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Anonymous said...

another group of people who give a damn - a big damn seeing as how they live in Iraq - is the group of shoe sellers at Buy Shoes. Save Lives.


if you likke TOMS (which who doesn't)... you might dig theirs as well.


Foxy said...

Those shoes are so cute