Friday, January 26

Friday Photography | Bill Sullivan

Bill Sullivan creates situational photography. He started by creating a set of rules for himself:

1. The image or photograph must be candid
2. The context of the situation must be clearly established
3. The background behind every subject in a series must be the same
4. The photographer must always be visible to the subject(s) in the photograph
5. The moments the images are to be taken must be defined before the pictures are taken
6. Secondary image(s) can be attached to the primary image if needed to clarify an established context
7. The camera should not play a visible role in the situation unless its visible presence has a role in that scenario

He has created 3 scenarios thus far...

... one in the NYC Metro:

... one in an elevator lobby:

... and one in Times Square:

[Via Archinect]

Happy Friday!

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