Thursday, March 2


... to the official AFHMN weblog!

While there are many wonderful blog's out there about architecture and design (Inhabitat, BLDBLOG, Pruned, and Archidose - to name a few), we here at AFHMN want to bridge that gap between architecture and social crisis. While sometimes our interests might wander, our primary concern is humanitarian, with an architecture and design based focus.

We are a group of 20 or so (and growing!) individuals residing in the Twin Cities of Minnesota who believe that architecture and design are powerful tools that can be used to find solutions to global, social and humanitarian crises. We came together through Architecture For Humanity - International.

We are starting this blog with one thing on our minds: There are other people out there that think like we do... Let's find them. If you happen to come across this site and like what you see, email it to a friend. Hell, email it to all of your friends. We want to hear from you; email us, make comments, join your local AFH chapter, if you don't have a local AFH chapter... what are you waiting for? There are people out there that think like you do, START ONE.

And above all, Design like you give a damn.

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