Friday, March 24

Friday Photography | Border Film Project

Friday Photography this week is special. Three friends "spent three months on the U.S. Mexico border filming and distributing hundreds of disposable cameras to two groups on different sides of the line: undocumented migrants crossing the desert and Minutemen volunteers trying to stop them."

They've received 1,500 pictures to date and more are coming every day. The photos show a human element that isn’t there when you watch the news or read the paper. They are a first person account of the inhumanity that borders, walls, fences - whether built or psychological - can invoke.

Go to: Border Film Project

The photos they’ve received from the migrants and the minutemen document both differences and, like the photos above, similarities.

“The similiarities resonate with a deep lesson of the project. We have realized that although the Minutemen and humanitarian organizations on the border have very different motivations, both, paradoxically, have much in common. Both groups believe that U.S. border policy has failed by allowing hundreds of thousands of migrants to cross the desert each year, and both have taken it upon themselves as U.S. citizens to rectify the situation."

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