Saturday, November 18 | Love Where You Live

The only thing better then learning about something new is when it turns out to be not only cool, but local. That's why it's with much Twin City pride that I'd like to tell you about a new online community called Curbly.

According to co-founder Bruno Bornsztein, Curbly is a place where "people can share the creative stuff they've done with their homes, find inspiration for home-improvement projects, and get advice from experts."

Even as a fairly new website, they already have a ton of user-generated content: "The $3 Table", "Simple, Sustainable Living - 5 Easy Steps", "Kitsch Me Baby", and a multitude of other DIY tutorials drew me in instantly.

The DIY Photo Wall by Ben Edwards | just one of the many DIY tutorials at Curbly

All this on top of finally satisfying my voyeuristic fantasy of being able to peer into the living-rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens of complete strangers... Perfect!

So check it out, and keep your heads up for future Curbly/AFHMN collaborations.


Ben said...

Thanks for the post! I look forward to meeting in person sometime. There a lot of twin cities people out here already, but more are always welcome. You forgot the post popular post to date, The DIY Photo Wall (by fellow Twin Cityan, Ben Edwards over at alttext)

Colin said...

Very cool Ben, the DIY Photo Wall is great! We look forward to meeting as well :)

Keep up the great work!